Modes of Transportation

Modified and Hand-Crafted Motorcycles

When modifying or hand-crafting a motorcycle, there are certain technical requirements that must be met for the vehicle to be authorized for road use.

What you should know

A modified motorcycle means...

A production vehicle of which at least one key component has been modified or replaced with a part that does not meet the manufacturer's standards for the model in question.

A hand-crafted motorcycle means...

A vehicle assembled by an individual using a frame manufactured for this purpose or a hand-crafted frame, as well as parts designed for their intended use.

Technical requirements

To ensure maximum safety for all road users, all modified or hand-crafted vehicles must—before being used—undergo a mechanical inspection in accordance with the Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles.

Modifying or building a motorcycle

If you wish to modify a production model or completely build a motorcycle intended to be driven on public roads, we strongly recommend that you consult the following technical guides:

Registering a hand-crafted or modified motorcycle

Before you can register a hand-crafted, modified or rebuilt vehicle, you must first make sure it is authorized for road use in Québec.

To find out about the requirements and procedure to follow

Consult our Registering a Hand-Crafted, Modified or Rebuilt Vehicle section.

Last update: May 30, 2022