Modes of Transportation

Motor Homes: Common Sense

Here is some advice to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users when travelling with a motor home.

Seat belts are mandatory

In motor homes, wearing a seat belt is mandatory for everyone.

Carrying young children

If you have young children, appropriate car seats must be installed in compliance with the law.

You should therefore check:

  1. the motor home owner's guide to know whether the motor home can carry children
  2. the car seat owner's manual to know whether the seat can be installed in a motor home

When the motor home is moving

Since all passengers must be buckled in, the following is of course prohibited:

  • walking freely
  • cooking
  • lying down
  • using the bathroom

Carrying objects and pets

It is very important that you secure objects that are on board the vehicle to avoid them turning into projectiles in the event of an accident.

Driving a road vehicle is prohibited if a passenger, animal or object blocks your field of vision or hinders your driving.

Recommendations for ensuring your safety and the safety of your pet

  • Secure your pet with a harness.
  • Install a safety net or barrier.
  • Use a travel crate that you can secure using a seat belt.

For additional safety tips, see our section on pets.

Inspection of the motor home

Before setting out, it is important to check the following elements:

  • the condition of lights and headlights
  • tire pressure
  • the braking system
    • On the road, check the condition of your brakes every time a road sign requires it.
  • the adjustment of rearview mirrors
  • loading and hitching components
  • chains or safety cables
  • dangerous goods, such as flammable liquids and gas tanks

For more information, see the publication entitled Les véhicules récréatifs – Certaines règles s'appliquent (PDF, 1.2 Mo) (in French only).

Beware of Jake brakes

Diesel-powered motor homes are sometimes equipped with compression release engine brakes, commonly known as Jake brakes.

Because the use of compression brakes produces a very loud noise, several towns and municipalities across Québec prohibit their use.

Practise manoeuvres before going out on the road

It is recommended that you become familiar with driving a motor home in order to be able to perform manoeuvres safely and become used to its blind spots.

Last update: June  2, 2022