Modes of Transportation – In an Electric Wheelchair or a 3- or 4-Wheeled Electric Scooter

Electric Wheelchairs: Common Sense

To use an electric wheelchair, you must follow safety rules, be alert, and use common sense.


Pilot project concerning motorized mobility aids

On June 1, 2015, the pilot project concerning motorized mobility aids (page in French only), overseen by the Ministère des Transports, came into effect. This pilot project, which was to end on June 1, 2018, was extended until June 1, 2020.

At this time, the Ministère des Transports is finalizing a ministerial order that will enable regulating the operation of motorized mobility aids. It should be published very soon. 

On sidewalks

For everyone’s safety, people using electric wheelchairs or 3- and 4-wheeled scooters, also known as “motorized mobility aids,” should adapt their speed to that of pedestrians.

Crossing streets and intersections

Motorized mobility aid users should cross the street the same way pedestrians do, that is:

  • at pedestrian crossings
  • at intersections, by obeying pedestrian lights, traffic lights and stop signs, as the case may be

Turning left

To turn left at an intersection, motorized mobility aid users should act like pedestrians and cross along an L-shaped pattern.

Turning right

Motorized mobility aid users travelling on the roadway or shoulder must yield the right of way:

  • to pedestrians crossing at a green light
  • to pedestrians who have a pedestrian light
  • to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the roadway at an intersection where there is a stop sign

Visit the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l'Électrification des transports Web site for more information on rules that apply to travelling on public roadways (page in French only).

Useful information

Motorized mobility aid users travelling on the roadway or the shoulder must ride with the flow of traffic.

Mandatory equipment for motorized mobility aids

  • Reflectors on all 4 sides of the device (white in front, red at the rear)
  • Triangular orange pennant when travelling on the shoulder of roads with a posted speed limit of 70 km/h or more
  • For 3- and 4-wheeled scooters used at night, a white headlight and a red taillight visible over at least 150 m

See the website of the Ministère des Transports to know more about all mandatory and recommended accessories (page in French only).