Modes of Transportation – On a Bicycle

Signs and Signals and Bicycle Infrastructures

You must obey all traffic signs and signals, including stop signs and traffic lights, at all times.

Signalling for cyclists

The Safe Cycling Guide (PDF, 5.0 MB) details the signals intended for cyclists. Here are a few examples taken from the guide:

Traffic sign showing an adult and a child on bicycles with a green circle around them, followed by the words «Les enfants de moins de 12 ans doivent être accompagnés d'un adulte» (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult).

Indicates that children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on a road where the speed limit is over 50 km/h

Road sign indicating the need to get off a bicycle for safety reasons

Indicates that you must get off your bicycle for safety reasons

Road sign indicating a mandatory cyclist and pedestrian route

Indicates a mandatory route for cyclists and pedestrians

Indicates that cyclists can ride against the flow of traffic on a one-way street

Pedestrian traffic light over a road sign indicating that cyclists are required to obey this traffic light

Indicates that cyclists must use the pedestrian traffic light to cross the street 

Caution! Where this sign is not posted, cyclists must obey traffic lights intended for vehicles and cannot cross on a pedestrian signal unless they get off their bicycle.

Traffic lights for cyclists

Traffic lights for cyclists are placed alongside bikeways

Symbols painted on the roadway to indicate that a lane is reserved for cyclists: white arrow, white bicycle (side view) and white losenge

Symbol painted on the roadway to indicate that a lane is reserved for cyclists

Bicycle Infrastructures

Illustration of a cyclist riding on a paved shoulder.

Paved shoulders

You must ride in the same direction as other vehicles.

Illustration of a cyclist riding in a bike lane.

Bike lanes

Road signs and pavement markings indicate that these lanes are reserved for cyclists. They are often also authorized for pedestrian use.

Illustration of a cyclist riding on a designated shared roadway.

Shared roadways

There is no corridor reserved for cyclists.

Shared roadways are indicated by road signs, and a pictogram representing a bicycle is painted on the pavement.

Illustration of cyclists riding on a bike path.

Bike paths

They are generally located away from automobile traffic or separated from traffic by a physical barrier.

Courtesy and sharing the path also apply.

Check with your municipality to know what safety rules apply.