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Young Drivers, Cautious Parents

Will your teenager soon be behind the wheel of your car? You have many things to explain and solutions to offer.

Your teenager now has a licence

If your teenager has a learner's licence, a person who has held a driver's licence for at least 2 years must always accompany him or her when driving to provide help and advice.

If your teenager has a probationary licence, it's time for a little guidance!

Acting as parent, acting as guide

Whether as drivers or passengers, parents have an important part to play. They are their children's first road safety role model and can be part of the solution in the fight against drinking, drugs and fatigue at the wheel by offering them a safe ride home.

Your teen is watching you

Cell phone calls, texting, aggressiveness, speeding… there are many behaviours that you do not want your teen to have at the wheel. But were you a good role model when your teen was younger and in the passenger seat?

It will be more difficult to instill safe driving behaviours in your teenager if he or she has seen you talking on the phone or texting while driving. Are you impatient at the wheel? Don't be surprised if your child has a tendency to be impatient too.

You are your child's role model. Behave as you want him or her to behave later on.

Offering to be a chauffeur is smart

Be available at all times. Always. Sign a pact for life (PDF, 356.9 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (in French only), an agreement between both of you, in which your child promises to:

  • call you if he or she is impaired
  • refrain from getting into a vehicle with a driver who is impaired

As part of the pact, you commit to picking up your child, no matter the time or the distance.

Giving the gift of safety

Who doesn't like receiving gifts? There are several ways you can give the gift of safety to show your child how much you care, and and encourage him or her to honour the Pact for life that you have both signed.

Why not register for a drive-home service in your area?

Everyone knows about Operation Red Nose, but there are other organizations that offer the same kind of service, and not only during the winter holidays.

Don't end your life before it starts

Caution, responsible driving, drugs, alcohol… is getting through to your teenager difficult?

Talk about our section entitled I Drive My Own Life, intended especially for young people.

Watch the Don't end your life before it starts educational video clips together.

Last update: March 17, 2021