Behaviours – Courtesy and Sharing the Road

Did You Know?

Statistics prove it: Quebecers believe that lack of courtesy on the road is a major problem. Some behaviours are more irritating than others.

In Québec, it is estimated that there are:

  • more than 8 million pedestrians
  • more than 5 million motorists (driver's licence holders)
  • more than 4 million cyclists (according to Vélo Québec, Ltat du vélo au Québec en 2010)

Sharing the road is therefore essential, especially since we are all, at times, either pedestrians, drivers or cyclists.

Revealing statistics: lack of courtesy on the road is a major irritant

According to a survey we conducted in 2012, 81% of Quebecers believe that lack of courtesy on the road is a major problem.

However, 98% of respondents said that they were usually very or somewhat courteous.

Are others really to blame?

It is often easier to blame others than to recognize one's own failings. However, most of the manoeuvres that are considered rude actually stem from a poor understanding of basic driving rules and the Highway Safety Code. In other cases, it is caused by distraction, stress or agitation caused by heavy traffic.

Taking matters into your own hands and getting even with another driver who has annoyed you risks making the situation worse and causing an accident.

The most irritating behaviours

  • Tailgating (36%)
  • Cutting off other vehicles (29%)
  • Failing to signal one's intentions or use a turn signal light (22%)
  • Weaving in and out of traffic (22%)
  • Driving at an excessive speed (19%)
  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians and cyclists (19%)
  • Making vulgar signs, using verbal violence or showing impatience (15%)
  • Failing to obey yield signs (red and white triangle) or the right of way at stop signs, traffic lights, intersections, etc. (12%)
  • Honking the horn for no reason (10%)

Last update: September 12, 2016