Behaviours – Child Safety Seats


Intended for children aged from 2 to 5 and their parents, Baladine encourages children to be proud of their car seats and informs parents about the proper way to use them. 

The educational material, which is available in French only, includes:

Useful information

To order the DVD, write to us

Teaching Guide

The guide contains:

  • a teaching scenario  
  • a discussion guide for the activity leader 
  • the song lyrics

Cartoon on DVD

The cartoon is a music video in which Baladine and her friend Prudent sing and dance to their song called “Clique deux fois.”

Sticker Booklet

The booklet is intended for the parents of children aged from 2 to 5 and contains the “Clique deux fois” song lyrics and stickers depicting Baladine and Prudent. 

Colouring Book

The book contains pictures of Baladine and Prudent to be coloured in. 

Memory Game

The memory game includes 8 different pictures in colour and in black and white. Playing instructions are also provided. 


The poster shows Baladine and Prudent, who are presenting the song “Clique deux fois.”

Baladine and Prudent perform Clique deux fois!

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Child safety in cars is the number one priority for Baladine and Prudent. Here they dance and sing in a music video entitled Baladine et Prudent présentent Clique deux fois!

Transcript :