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Ordering a Personalized Licence Plate

You can order your personalized licence plate using this online service.

Before you begin

To order a personalized licence plate for a vehicle that you own, lease, co-own or co-lease, make sure you have on hand:

  • your vehicle’s most recent registration certificate
  • your credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

To order a personalized licence plate for a vehicle that you intend to lease or to purchase within the next four years, make sure you have on hand:

  • your most recent driver’s licence
  • your credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

To order a personalized licence plate for a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle (V plate), you must have on hand the vehicle’s most recent registration certificate.

Please note that you cannot order a personalized licence plate to offer or sell to another person. After you have completed your order, it will no longer be possible to transfer your personalized licence plate to a vehicle associated with a different file (for example, a vehicle your spouse owns or a vehicle you co-own or co-lease).

Who can use this service

Who can order a personalized licence plate?

  • Owners of vehicles registered in Québec
  • Co-owners or co-lessees of vehicles registered under more than one name (the personalized licence plate is associated with the registration certificate, not the owners)
  • Holders of a licence authorizing the operation of a road vehicle
  • Owners or long-term lessees of vehicles that are used less than 50% of the time to provide remunerated transportation services

Please note that you cannot order a personalized licence plate to offer or sell to another person.

Vehicles that are eligible for personalized plates

  • Passenger vehicles (automobiles) destined for personal use
  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds or motorized scooters
  • Motor homes weighing 3,000 kg or less
  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicles

Vehicles that are not eligible for personalized plates

  • Commercial vehicles and special use vehicles (F licence plates)
  • Trailers, camping trailers and tent trailers (R licence plates)
  • Buses and minibuses (A licence plates)
  • Off-road vehicles (except snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles) (V licence plates)
  • Amateur radio operator vehicles (VA2 or VE2 licence plates)
  • Vehicles with restricted-area use, such as tractors and other farm vehicles (C licence plates)
  • Heavy vehicles (L licence plates)
  • Passenger vehicles used by members of a consular corps or a foreign delegation (CC licence plates)
  • Passenger vehicles used by members of a diplomatic corps or the International Civil Aviation Organization (CD licence plates)
  • Vehicles with a dealer plate (X licence plates)

Eligibility criteria

  • You own a vehicle, or have taken out a long-term lease on a vehicle (for more information, refer to the SAAQ’s policy on registering vehicles leased under a long-term contract, entitled Immatriculation des véhicules loués à long terme (PDF, 40.5 ko)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (in French only))
  • The status of your vehicle is “active” or “in storage” in the SAAQ’s vehicle registration records
  • If you do not currently own or lease a vehicle, you have informed the SAAQ that you are committed to acquiring or leasing a vehicle within the next four years
  • You must ensure that the vehicle is authorized for road use and that the driver’s licence of the person driving the vehicle is valid before the vehicle is operated. Activating the personalized licence plate does not authorize the vehicle for road use.

Possible character combinations

General rules

  • Only the letters of the alphabet and the 10 Arabic numerals (0 to 9) are authorized characters.
  • The letter “O” cannot be printed on a licence plate. If you include the letter “O” in your combination, it will automatically be replaced with the number “0”.
  • Spaces are not permitted.
  • The character combination must be clear and easy to read. For example, the following character combinations are unclear and difficult to read: MWMMWM, IIII, B8B8.
  • Combinations that feature more than 4 consecutive identical characters are not permitted (e.g.: AAAAA).
  • The personalized character combination chosen must comply with the following rules, whether it is read forwards or backwards. It must not include an expression or message that:
    • gives the false impression that the road vehicle’s owner is, or is connected to, a public authority, peace officer or carrier enforcement officer, or that he or she works for an emergency service or a government organization
    • expresses disregard toward road safety
    • expresses an obscene, scandalous or sexual idea
    • expresses abusive or derogatory language
    • promotes the perpetration of a criminal offence
    • could be easily confused with another licence plate number (e.g. MAG1 and MAGI)
    • is prohibited by law or is a distinctive nameA name is considered distinctive when it has been invented for a trademark and could only refer to this trademark.. For example, the name “Nike” cannot be used. However, the name “Apple” can be used, as it also refers to a fruit. Make sure to ensure that your chosen character combination is not a distinctive trademark.

Passenger vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds or motorized scooters and motor homes

  • With regard to the positions of the numbers and letters, no restrictions apply to combinations of 2 to 4 characters.
  • Combinations of 5 to 7 characters (maximum) must respect the following formats:
5 to 7 letters E.g. ABCDEFG
One number followed by 4 to 6 lettersE.g. 1ABCDEF
4 to 6 letters followed by one numberE.g. ABCDEF1
One number followed by 3 to 5 letters and ending with one numberE.g. 1ABCDE1

Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (V licence plates)

  • With regard to the positions of the numbers and letters, no restrictions apply to combinations of 1 to 4 characters.
  • Combinations of 5 characters (maximum) must respect the following formats:
5 lettersE.g. V-ABCDE
4 letters followed by one numberE.g. V-ABCD1

The SAAQ reserves the right to refuse, or to remove from circulation, any character combination that does not comply with the established rules, and is not liable for any prejudice which may result from the combination chosen by the applicant.

If the chosen character combination is accepted by the SAAQ, you will be informed by automated email, and the character combination will automatically be sent to the manufacturer.

If the character combination chosen is refused by the SAAQ, an automated email will be sent to you informing you of the situation, and the acquisition fees will be reimbursed. If you wish to choose another combination, you will have to complete a new order.

Acquisition and Annual Fees

Acquisition of a personalized licence plate

$257.54 (taxes included)

The acquisition fees for a personalized licence plate are not reimbursable.

Note that the acquisition fees for a personalized licence plate do not include the vehicle registration renewal fees, which are charged each year.

Annual personalized licence plate fees

$35.64 (taxes included)

The annual fees for a personalized licence plate are not reimbursable. 

The annual fees are charged each year through a statement of account. This statement is sent to you in the weeks following your birthday.

Please note that the invoicing date for the annual fees for a personalized licence plate that is associated with a vehicle that is co-owned, co-leased or owned by a trust is based on the date on which the personalized licence plate was mailed.

Note that these annual fees are charged even if you have not activated your personalized licence plate or the vehicle associated with the licence plate has been put into storage, discarded or prohibited from being put into operation.

If you do not wish to pay the annual fees in the future, you must return your personalized licence plate to an SAAQ service outlet.


Delivery time

The licence plate will be delivered by Canada Post to the address indicated in the SAAQ’s files, within 3 to 6 weeks. You will receive an email from Canada Post with the tracking number for the delivery. If you have still not received your licence plate at the end of this period, please contact us.

Required configuration

Web browser

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Please do not use trial versions of software or software under development (alpha, beta, RC).


A personalized licence plate must be activated before it is placed on its intended vehicle. If you drive your vehicle or allow your vehicle to be driven with a non-activated licence plate, you are committing an offence and are liable to a fine of $100 to $200.

Have you moved recently?

Your personalized licence plate will be mailed to the address that is on file at the moment the order is placed. If you will be moving during the period allowed for delivery, you must change your address prior to placing your order. Otherwise, your personalized licence plate will be mailed to your former address. Expect a delay of 2 business days for your address to be changed in your file at the SAAQ.

You can notify 6 different government departments and agencies, including the SAAQ, in one easy online step with the Service québécois de changement d'adresse.

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Online service hours

Monday through Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Sunday, from noon to 11:00 p.m.

Important: Any operation completed after 11:00 p.m. will not be recorded.