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Activating a Personalized Licence Plate

Your personalized licence plate must be activated before it is placed on your vehicle.

Please note that the owner of a road vehicle who drives his or her vehicle or who allows the vehicle to be driven with a non-activated personalized licence plate is committing an offence and liable to a fine of $100 to $200.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have on hand your vehicle’s most recent registration certificate.
  • You must ensure that the vehicle is authorized for road use and that the driver’s licence of the person driving the vehicle is valid. Activating the personalized licence plate does not authorize the vehicle for road use.

Who can use this service

Who can activate a personalized licence plate?

Individuals who have ordered and received a personalized licence plate and who wish to place it on a vehicle registered under their name or under more than one name (joint ownership or joint lease) can activate it.

Important information

Reprinting a plate

To have your personalized licence plate reprinted, you must bring the plate that you want reprinted to one of our service outlets. 

Reprinting a personalized plate is authorized in the following situations:

  • the personalized licence plate is damaged
  • the personalized licence plate requires a change of colour (blue to green or vice-versa)
  • the personalized licence plate requires a change of format (large plate to small plate or vice-versa)

Reusing a plate

If you want to use a personalized licence plate that has already been activated and in use on another vehicle, you must go to a service outlet. You can then request a new plate to register your current vehicle and transfer your personalized licence plate to the other vehicle. You will be given two new registration certificates. 

Lost or stolen plate

If your personalized licence plate is reported lost or stolen, it cannot be reprinted and replaced by a plate bearing the same character combination. You must go to a service outlet to obtain a standard plate. To obtain a new personalized licence plate, you must submit a new request for a different character combination and pay the personalized licence plate acquisition fees.

If your personalized licence plate is found after it has been reported lost or stolen, it cannot be reused. You will have to bring it back to a service outlet. 


Annual personalized licence plate fees

$36.51 (taxes included)

The annual fees for a personalized licence plate are not reimbursable.

The annual fees for a personalized licence plate must be paid even if the personalized licence plate has not been activated or if the vehicle associated with the personalized licence plate has been put into storage, discarded, or prohibited from being put in operation. If you no longer wish to pay these fees, you must return your plate to an SAAQ service outlet.

The annual fees will be charged each year through a statement of account. This statement will be sent to you in the weeks following your birthday.

Please note that the invoicing date for the annual fees for a personalized licence plate that is associated with a vehicle that is co-owned, co-leased or owned by a trust is based on the date on which the personalized licence plate was mailed.

Fee for reprinting a personalized licence plate

$60.65 (taxes included)

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Last update: November 24, 2022

Starting in January, a new version of this service will be offered through the SAAQclic online services platform. Discover SAAQclic.

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