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Obtaining a Winter Tire Exemption Certificate

Use this online service to obtain a winter tire exemption certificate, free of charge.

From December 1 to March 15, all motorized road vehicles registered in Québec must be equipped with tires specially designed for winter driving. To find out more, read the information on winter preparation.

Before you start

  • Have on hand your vehicle's most recent registration certificateDepending on your situation, your most recent certificate is the one you received by mail with your last payment notice (regardless of whether you have paid your vehicle registration), the one you received by mail after licensing a stored vehicle online or registering a vehicle with an SAAQclic dealer, or the one you obtained directly from a service outlet when registering a vehicle for the first time, renewing the registration, licensing a stored vehicle or requesting a replacement registration certificate..
  • Read the information on the protection of personal information.

Mandatory: Make sure you have access to a printer (you will need 2 sheets of paper to print the confirmation and the certificate). Otherwise, you can obtain a certificate at one of our service outlets.

Who can use this service?

Owners, co-owners or long-term lessees or co-lessees of a motorized road vehicle (automobile, etc.) registered in Québec who wish to use their vehicle without winter tires for the following reasons:

  • to leave or return to Québec (one certificate for each one-way trip). See the examplesExamples of exemption periods Example 1 You are leaving for Florida on January 4 and returning to Québec on March 10. You could request 2 certificates: from January 2 to 8 (for your departure) from March 9 to 15 (for your return) From December 1 to January 1, your vehicle must be equipped with winter tires to be used on Québec roads. Example 2 You are spending the winter in Florida (from November 1 to April 1). You are returning to Québec for the holiday season from December 20 to January 15. You could request 2 certificates: from December 20 to 26 (for your return) from January 9 to 15 (for your departure) From December 27 to January 8, your vehicle must be equipped with winter tires to be used on Québec roads.
  • to put a vehicle back on the road (taking a vehicle out of storage)
  • to cancel a leasing contract (before the end of the contract)

Validity period and number of certificates

  • The exemption is valid for 7 days.
  • You can obtain no more than 4 certificates per vehicle each winter.

Required configuration

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Last update: January 26, 2023

Service temporarily unavailable

Due to our system updates, this service will be unavailable as of 5:00 p.m. on January 26 and will gradually resume as of February 20. For more information, see our FAQ page.