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Making an Appointment for a Road Test – Automobiles (Class 5)

You can make an appointment online for a road test a Class 5 driver's licence.

A Class 5 licence authorizes its holder to drive:

  • an automobile
  • a motor home, also known as a recreational vehicle (RV)
  • a tool vehicle, such as a grader or loader
  • a service vehicle, such as a tow truck

A Class 5 licence also authorizes its holder to drive:

  • a moped or motorized scooter (Class 6D)
  • a farm tractor (Class 8)

On the day of the test

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Reminder: It is important that you follow public health guidelines.

Have on hand:

  • the identity documents and other documents specified in your appointment confirmation

Approximate duration of the tests

Road test: 30 minutes


Consult the table listing the costs for obtaining a licence for various classes of driver's licence.

Note: Licence fee instalment payments can only be made from your personal bank account.

Road test

Vehicle used to take the road test

  • Note that the SAAQ does not provide any vehicles for road tests. You must report to your test with a vehicle that is safe and in good mechanical condition. If the inspection reveals that the vehicle is not in good mechanical condition, the road test will not take place, and you will have to make another appointment. The examiner will check the vehicle’s mechanical components, including the windshield, side windows, rear window and rear-view and side mirrors. For a complete list of the mechanical components of the vehicle that will be checked, refer to page 14 of the Prospective Passenger Vehicle Driver. (PDF, 732.4 ko) guide.
  • Regardless of the vehicle used, you will not be allowed to carry any passengers or pets.
  • The examiner will ask you to install a removable sign on the vehicle's roof bearing the words “Examen de conduite”, which we will provide.

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