Using Sound Level Meters to Measure the Noise Generated by Motorcycles, Mopeds and Motorized Scooters

Under the new Regulation respecting the sound emission control produced by the exhaust system of motorcycles and mopeds, starting today, police officers can use sound level meters to measure the sound level emitted by the exhaust system of a motorcycle, moped or motorized scooter.

This regulation stems from the conclusions of the pilot project run by the SAAQ from 2013 to 2018, which led to the amendment of the Highway Safety Code. Sound level meters are thus added to traditional sound measuring methods, which are based on the physical characteristics of the exhaust system and are already in use by police forces to determine whether an offence has been committed.

Owners of motorcycles, mopeds or motorized scooters whose exhaust systems are found to be non-compliant are liable to a fine of $200 to $300. Refusing to submit a vehicle to a sound level meter test can lead to a fine of $300 to $600.

For more information, visit the Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Levels and Moped and Scooter Exhaust Sound Levels webpages.