Sharing the Road with Farm Machinery

With the beginning of fall harvests comes more farm machinery on rural roads. Drivers, when nearing farms and fields, slow down and be alert because an animal, a vehicle or farm machinery could appear on the road.

If you want to pass farm machinery, be careful, because farm machinery is often very wide. Passing manoeuvres are therefore more difficult to carry out. Make sure the lane is clear over a sufficient distance before initiating the manoeuvre, and keep a safe distance from the farm machinery before and after you pass it.

You may cross a solid line (single or double) to pass farm machinery. However, you must make sure that you can carry out the passing manoeuvre without endangering yourself or other road users.

In addition, before carrying out a passing manoeuvre, look out for driveways or farm roads, since farm machinery or combinations of farm vehicles could turn left. Stay alert!

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