New Online Service: Replacement of Damaged or Peeling Licence Plates

The damaged licence plate replacement service had to be suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, but it is available again thanks to a new online service offered on the SAAQ’s website. 

The damaged licence plate replacement service is intended for individuals:

  • whose licence plate is damaged
  • whose licence plate is defective because the reflective film is peeling off (no charge)

Nothing but good news!

Thanks to this service, say goodbye to waiting in line at service outlets! You can now request a replacement plate from the comfort of your home using a digital form. Another improvement: the new plate will bear the same number as the old plate. Forget having to memorize a new number every time you replace your plate! 

How does it work?

The process is simple. Once you have requested a plate replacement online, a new plate is mailed to your home. The parcel will also contain a pre-paid envelope to return the old plate. You may also return old plates to an SAAQ service outlet if you prefer. It is very important to return the old licence plate, since it remains associated with the last owner who used it. 

With a few clicks, have your damaged or defective licence plate replaced.