The SAAQ goes behind the scenes of Major Junior

With comedian Mathieu Cyr, the SAAQ went behind the scenes during the filming of Major Junior to highlight road safety issues and talk about these issues with the movie’s leading actors. Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Alice Morel-Michaud and Rémi Goulet answered Mathieu Cyr’s questions and went along with his sometimes absurd skits to discuss risky driving behaviours. 

The movie Major Junior deals with the lives of young people at a time when they often start driving. Although the road safety record of drivers aged 16 to 24 has greatly improved over the past years, young drivers are still overrepresented in traffic accidents. These accidents are most frequently caused by drinking and driving, speeding and distracted driving.

Watch some behind-the-scenes video clips with Mathieu Cyr : 2017 Young Drivers – Major Junior Movie.