Beware Carbon Monoxide. It’s Harmful, Even Fatal!

When your car is buried beneath the snow, do you have the habit of starting the motor, turning on the ventilation and staying inside your vehicle? If so, be careful! You put yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can lead to health problems and, in extreme cases, death.

Carbon monoxide is an insidious gas, as it is odourless. It spreads through the passenger compartment of a vehicle without being noticed. That’s why it’s important to always clear the snow off of your vehicle before getting in. That way, you can ensure that the exhaust pipe is clear and that the air circulating inside the vehicle is clean.

Other things to watch out for:

  • If you stop on the road during a storm, remember to clear your exhaust pipe and ventilate the inside of your vehicle from time to time.
  • Be cautious when your car is running in a carport or garage. Carbon monoxide gas is toxic!

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