Has Your Vehicle Been Damaged by Flooding?

For safety reasons, if you have experienced flooding and your road vehicle has been immersed in water, you must not try to start it. To move the vehicle, you must have it towed or transported.

Unfortunately, a vehicle that has been damaged by flooding is no longer safe. Flooding results in damage that can cause the vehicle’s components to malfunction. Given all the electronic components in a vehicle, that constitutes a risk to road safety. If you put a flood-damaged vehicle back into operation, it may not function properly and the vehicle’s occupants may develop health problems caused by the growth of mould and bacteria in the vehicle’s absorbent materials (fabric, foam, etc.).

Flood-damaged road vehicles—including motorcycles and recreational vehicles (such as motor homes and camping trailers)—must never be put back into operation so as to ensure that unsafe vehicles do not end up on the road network. A flood-damaged road vehicle must be declared “unrebuildable” by the insurer. An unrebuildable vehicle can never be put back into operation and only some of its parts can be used again.

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