Electric Vehicles Exempted from the Additional Registration Fee for Luxury Vehicles

As of January 1, 2018, electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles eligible for the Drive Green Program will be exempt from the additional registration fee for luxury vehicles that applies to the portion of the vehicle’s value between $40,000 and $75,000. This measure stems from the Québec Economic Plan that accompanied the 2017-2018 Budget Speech.

The Drive Electric component of the Drive Green Program provides for rebates applicable to the acquisition of vehicles that are in line with the government’s objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, when registering a road vehicle for use on Québec roads and upon the annual renewal of such registration, an additional fee is applicable to luxury vehicles. A vehicle is considered a luxury vehicle if:

  • it has a net weight of 3,000 kg or less
  • it is 7 years old or less
  • it is worth more than $40,000

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