2018 Road Safety Record: Two New Statistical Reports

Further to the road safety record released last spring, the SAAQ is making public two French-language documents that provide a wealth of additional information: the statistical records Bilan 2018 : Accidents, parc automobile et permis de conduire (PDF, 8.3 Mo)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (2018 record on accidents, vehicles on the road and driver’s licences) and Bilan routier régional : Janvier à décembre 2018 (PDF, 5.4 Mo)This file does not meet Web accessibility standards. (regional road safety record: January to December 2018).

The first document concerns accidents involving road vehicles, accident victims, driver’s licence holders and vehicles on the road, and covers a six-year period. The second follows the evolution of the number of accidents and their nature, as well as the number of accident victims, over the same period. The data is detailed by administrative region, regional county municipality (MRC), and Québec municipality.