Using Drugs in a Vehicle

Over the last few weeks, certain measures regarding the consumption of drugs have come into effect.


Drivers and passengers are therefore prohibited from using cannabis or any other drugs:

  • in a road vehicle
  • in an off-road vehicle
  • on a bicycle
  • on a sled or trailer towed by a vehicle or a bicycle


For all

  • Taking medication, as long as it does not prevent drivers from carrying out their duties at the wheel.

For passengers

  • Using cannabis prescribed exclusively for therapeutic purposes, as long as:
    • the product is not consumed by smoking (joint, pipe, e-cigarette, etc.);
    • the passenger does not have care or control of the vehicle.

Passengers are not required to keep their prescription for therapeutic cannabis with them when travelling in a vehicle. However, a peace officer may serve them a statement of offence if the passenger is unable to demonstrate that the cannabis was prescribed by a health care professional.

To find out more, visit the section Behaviours - Drugs and Medication - Myths and Facts.

If you take drugs, don’t drive!

These prohibitions and exceptions are complementary to Highway Safety Code measures, such as driver’s licence suspension and vehicle seizure and impoundment, which aim to discourage impaired driving, whether by drugs or by alcohol.