Using your cell phone, checking your emails, surfing the Internet, choosing your playlist or using a GPS are dangerous behaviours, in addition to being illegal and subject to a number of penalties.

Did you know that if you text while driving, your eyes are away from the road for 4 to 6 seconds? At 90 km/h, this is like travelling the length of a football field with your eyes closed. What message could be so important that you would put your life and the lives of others on the line?

Talking on the phone while driving is also a source of distraction. Even if hands-free mode is not prohibited and you have both hands on the wheel, it is not safer. It is the phone conversation itself that is dangerous, not simply handling the device.

As soon as you are at the wheel of a road vehicle in a traffic lane, you are driving. Even when you are stopped at a red light or stuck in traffic, you are driving!

Simply put, when you are driving, you cannot use your cell phone or any other electronic device to…

  • make or answer a call
  • read or send a text message
  • check your schedule
  • check the time
  • check your Facebook activity feed
  • select a playlist
  • surf the Internet
  • do anything else

The same rule applies to…

  • all types of phones, from the oldest model to the latest
  • all types of digital tablets
  • all types of media players (music, video, etc.)
  • all types of laptops

Simple tips

  • Download a mobile application that blocks calls and text messages.
  • Turn off your cell phone or portable electronic device before heading out.
  • Park your car before placing a call, texting or using your portable electronic device.
  • You can ask passengers in the vehicle to “manage” your device for you.