Realistic and Valid Solutions

If you want to party, leave your car at home and choose an alternative to driving.

Think about it before going out!

  • Public transit

    Where available, the bus or metro makes things easier. A quick tip: check the schedule beforehand.

  • Parents

    Your parents would probably rather get up in the middle of the night to go and get you than to be woken up by police officers.

  • Taxi

    Think about calling a taxi, which can bring you home safely.

  • Drive-home service

    Operation Red Nose, Tolérance Zéro and other drive-home services are available all year round in some parts of Québec. They are inexpensive, and your vehicle is already home the next morning.

  • Designated driver

    The designated driver is not the person who drinks the least, but rather the person who has not had anything to drink at all!

    Some tips:

    • When you are the designated driver, drive safely and remind your passengers that buckling up is important. This is for the sake of everyone’s safety.
    • In a group, take turns being the designated driver.
    • Never get a ride with a driver who has been drinking or taking drugs.
    • Check to make sure your designated driver stays sober.
  • A friend's couch

    Do not hesitate to sleep over at a friend's house. You can also insist that friends stay over if they can't drive. Clearly express your disapproval, and support those who intervene. If you all insist, it is even better and more effective!

    A couch is more comfortable than a wheelchair or a coffin.

A pact for life

Sign a pact for life (available in French only) with your friends or family members. In the pact, each person promises not to drive while impaired and offers their services to go and get the other person at any time.