I refused to blow

Refusing to breathe into an alcohol-screening device or refusing to perform physical coordination tests automatically results in the harshest penalties under the Criminal Code and the Highway Safety Code.

At the time of arrest

  • Licence suspension for 90 days
  • 30-day vehicle seizure
  • Program to assess and reduce the risk of impaired driving

After trial

  • A $1000 fine (minimum)
  • A criminal record
  • No licence for 3 years
  • Program to assess and reduce the risk of a repeat offence
  • Ignition interlock device in the car for 2 years

Having care and control – What is that?

If your faculties are impaired by alcohol or drugs, the law doesn’t just prohibit you from driving a vehicle, but also from having care or control of a vehicle. Here are some examples of acts that may result in the same consequences as driving while impaired:

  • Being seated in the driver’s seat, even if the vehicle is stopped.
  • Being in one’s car (even sleeping in the back seat) and having the possibility of starting the vehicle.
  • Being close to one’s vehicle (e.g. removing snow, putting things in the trunk or listening to the radio).