Speeding has a cost

My first driver’s licence

Driving is a privilege.
Here are the steps to follow in order to get your first driver’s licence.

Blow in the breathalyzer

  • I refuse to blow
  • I smoked a joint

Bad habits to avoid!

I can’t remember the last few kilometers driven. I should take a break. Nouvelle question True False

You're right Sorry, it's true it's false

At the first signs of fatigue, the only thing to do is to stop at a safe place to take a break and stretch your legs or take a nap for 15 minutes or so. Learn to recognize the signs of fatigue:
  • You yawn frequently.
  • Your eyes are burning.
  • You are having trouble keeping your eyes open.
  • You can’t find a comfortable position.
  • You have trouble concentrating.
  • You are having problems maintaining a steady speed and keeping the vehicle on a straight course in your lane.
  • Your reactions are slower.
  • You are having memory lapses (ex.: you can’t remember the last few kilometers driven).
  • You are seeing things that are not there, particularly when there is fog or on monotonous stretches of highway (ex.: you think you see an animal on the road).