State of Health and Licences

Your state of health has changed

Step 0 Your state of health has changed

You are required to report any health problem that could hinder your ability to drive safely, regarless of your age or the class of licence you hold.

If your state of health has changed, you must notify us of that fact:

  • before obtaining a driver's licence or a new class of licence
  • at the time of your driver's licence payment or renewal
  • at any time, within 30 days of a diagnosis

To notify us of a change in your state of health, you can:

  • go to one of our service outlets to fill out a medical declaration form
  • phone us at 1 800 361-7620
  • send us an email
  • fill out the “Declaration of Illness or Functional Impairment” section of the annual driver's licence renewal notice

We will study your declaration and send you a letter informing you of our assessment of the situation.

Last update: November 18, 2021