Reacquiring or Reinstating a Licence

Procedure to reacquire your licence

Step 2 Procedure to reacquire your licence

You must file with the Court of Québec an application to have the suspension of your driver’s licence (or your right to obtain such a licence) lifted. The only justification that can be used is that you did not offer or provide remunerated passenger transportation by automobile without holding the appropriate licence class or being a qualified driver.

If the judge’s decision is in your favour

Go to an SAAQ service centre to have the suspension lifted.

If your licence suspension was related to the seizure and impoundment of your vehicle

You must file an Application for Vehicle Release from Seizure with the Court of Québec.

If the decision in your favour authorizes you to recover your vehicle

Go to the pound where your vehicle is being held with the judgment from the Court of Québec. You can recover your vehicle on payment of towing and impoundment fees as well as the applicable taxes. Your licence suspension will be lifted by the SAAQ during our business hours. 

If the judge’s decision is not in your favour

You must wait until the impoundment and/or licence suspension period is over. Then you may begin to drive again without having to go to an SAAQ service outlet.

However, you will have to go to a service outlet if:

  • your licence has expired;
  • we must add a condition or a class to your licence.

Last update: May 13, 2022