Through a medical examination, a physician can establish a diagnosis of substance use disorder in connection with alcohol, drugs or medication, which will be indicated in a medical report that you must then send to us.

After analyzing the medical report and your driving record, we will notify you in writing of our decision whether to suspend your licence.

If we decide to suspend your driver’s licence

You may no longer drive as long as the suspension remains in effect.

What is a driver’s licence suspension?

A driver’s licence suspension means your licence is no longer valid for the length of the suspension period.

If you drive with a suspended licence, you face:

  • a fine of $300 to $600, in addition to legal and administrative costs
  • Seizure and impoundment of the vehicle you are driving for 30 days. The vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense

Last update: July 22, 2016