Obtaining a Licence

Road test

Step 6 Road test

    • Costs

      • Road Test: $31.00
      • Probationary Licence: $56.35 (covers 24 months)
    • Time/Duration

      Approximately 1 hour

The SAAQ's road test is the final step before obtaining your probationary licence.

Before you schedule an appointment for this test

You must:

  • have passed a driving course at a driving school recognized by the SAAQ
  • have held a Class 5 learner's licence for at least 12 months
  • have passed the knowledge test

Procedure for the road test

You must schedule an appointment.



Using the automated telephone service

On the To Reach Us webpage, under the heading Appointment for a Driving Test – you will have to provide your learner's licence number

If you are hearing-impaired

The road test must be carried out using a vehicle equipped with a dual pedal system. We reimburse the cost of renting such a vehicle.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Montréal area: 514-954-7763
Elsewhere in Québec: 1-800-565-7763

Cancelling the test

If you cannot make it to your test, we ask that you cancel the appointment at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee.

In case of poor weather, check to make sure your appointment has not been cancelled.

On the day of the test

You must:

Step 1 – Go to the service outlet with which you scheduled your appointment to take the test, with:


  • your learner's licence
  • your attestation of successful completion of a driving course (if you have attended more than one driving school, you must provide the certificate obtained from each one)
  • the valid and signed registration certificate for the vehicle you will be using for the test
  • a paper copy of your proof of liability insurance

Step 2 – Pay the applicable fees for:

  • the road test
  • the probationary licence (if you pass the test)

Payment methods

At our service outlets, we accept payment:

  • in cash
  • by Interac (debit card)—not available in some service outlets
  • by cheque or money order

Payment by credit card is not accepted.

Payment methods

At our service outlets, we accept payment:

  • in cash
  • by Interac (debit card)—not available in some service outlets
  • by cheque or money order

Payment by credit card is not accepted.

Vehicle used to take the road test

  • Note that the SAAQ does not provide any vehicles for road tests. You must report to your test with a vehicle that is safe and in good mechanical condition. If the inspection reveals that the vehicle is not in good mechanical condition, the road test will not take place, and you will have to make another appointment. The examiner will check the vehicle’s mechanical components, including the windshield, side windows, rear window and rear-view and side mirrors. For a complete list of the mechanical components of the vehicle that will be checked, refer to page 14 of the Prospective Passenger Vehicle Driver (PDF, 732.4 ko) guide.
  • Regardless of the vehicle used, you will not be allowed to carry any passengers or pets.

The examiner will ask you to install a removable sign on the vehicle's roof bearing the words “Examen de conduite”, which we will provide.

If you rent an automobile

Bring the rental contract or receipt with you to your test.

Road test procedure

Before the test, the examiner will inform you about the test procedure. After the test, whether you pass or fail, the examiner will take the time to indicate your strong points and those that need some improvement.

Please note that using a portable electronic device (phone, watch, etc.) to record images during the road test is prohibited. If you fail to respect this rule, you will immediately fail the test.

If you fail the road test…

You must wait at least 28 days before you will be allowed to retake the road test. You will have to schedule another appointment.

To keep your probationary licence

You must:

  • have fewer than 4 demerit points on your driving record
  • abide by the zero-alcohol rule while driving (for more information, visit the Drinking and Driving: Impairment and Consequences page)
  • comply with the rule regarding the number of passengers aged 19 or younger you are allowed to carry between midnight and 5 a.m., if you are 19 years of age or younger and have held a probationary licence for less than 12 months.
Months of driving experience with a probationary licence Number of passengers (19 years of age or younger)
6 months or less 1
More than 6 months     3

Regardless of the number of months you have driven with a probationary licence, members of your immediate family are not taken into account in the authorized number of passengers:

  • your married, civil union or de facto spouse
  • your children and your spouse's children
  • your brothers and sisters
  • any other child of your father or mother or of either's spouse

Restrictions on the number of passengers aged 19 or younger do not apply if you are accompanied by someone who has held a driver's licence for at least 2 years, who is in a position to give you assistance and advice and who is seated in the front passenger's seat.

Obtaining the driver's licence

If you maintain a good driving record, you may obtain your Class 5 driver's licence after 2 years.

The probationary licence does not authorize its holder to act as an accompanying driver for a learner driver

To act as an accompanying driver, you must have held a valid driver's licence for at least 2 years.

Last update: November 16, 2022