Obtaining a Licence

Preparing for the SAAQ's Knowledge test

To pass the knowledge test for driving a motorcycle, you need to master the basic theoretical concepts. If you pass the test, you will obtain a Class 6R learner's licence.

With the Class 6R learner's licence, you can operate a motorcycle on a closed track and on the road as part of the driving course, provided you are accompanied by your instructor. The driving school must be recognized by the SAAQ.

Preparing for the tests

We recommend that you study the following publications:

Paper versions can also be purchased at Québec bookstores.

If you do not hold a Class 5 driver's licence

Carefully study the Driver's Handbook, since the test will include questions about road signs and signals and traffic rules.

A section for you

For an enjoyable and safe motorcycle ride, make sure you are visible, wear the right clothing, stay alert, conduct yourself in a predictable manner and know your limits. All these topics and more are discussed in the On a Motorcycle section.

Last update: March  7, 2022