Obtaining a Licence

Driving a 3-Wheel Vehicle

To be authorized to drive a 3-wheel T-Rex- or Slingshot-type vehicle, you must hold a valid Class 5 licence. You do not need to hold a motorcycle licence to drive this type of vehicle.

A 3-wheel T-Rex- or Slingshot-type vehicle must be registered as a regular 2 or 3-wheel motorcycle with an engine capacity of 401 cc or more.

Wearing a helmet that meets safety standards, with a visor or protective goggles, is mandatory.

This type of vehicle must be equipped with:

  • seat belts
  • windshield wipers, if the vehicle has a windshield
  • headrests
  • rearview mirrors

The T-Rex and the Slingshot are both 3-wheel, motorcycle-like vehicles equipped with seats that the occupants sit in instead of straddling. They also have a structure that partially or completely encloses the occupants (what encloses the occupants is more than simply the part of the vehicle in front of the driver and the seat backrest).

Last update: July 21, 2021