Step 1 What qualifies as an off-road vehicle

  • SnowmobilesA self-propelled winter vehicle that is designed to travel primarily over snow or ice and may or may not be equipped with a ski or steering blade. with a net weightWeight of the vehicle and the equipment permanently attached to it, excluding the weight of its load. of 450 kg or less
  • The following motorized all-terrain vehicles:
    • quad bikes, which are four-wheel vehicles equipped with a straddle seat and handlebars (also called four-wheelers)
    • recreational off-road vehicles, which are four-wheel vehicles equipped with one or more non-straddle seats, a steering wheel, pedals and a protective structure—and all of whose wheels are driving wheels and whose net mass does not exceed 450 kg in the case of single-seat vehicles and 750 kg in the case of multi-seat vehicles (also called side-by-side vehicles (SSV) and utility task vehicles (UTV))
    • trail bikes, which include dirt bikes, enduro motorcycles and motocross bikes
    • other motorized all-terrain vehicles that have 3 or more wheels and handlebars, are designed to be straddled and whose net weight does not exceed 600 kg

Last update: September 18, 2017