Canada Post Labour Dispute

Temporary Measures for the Continuity of services

We are making every effort to ensure that government cheques are delivered on time and that services continue to be provided during the Canada Post labour dispute. Please visit this page regularly for up-to-date information on the labour dispute and the different initiatives taken to ensure that government cheques are distributed.

Direct deposit: a simple, fast and secure solution!

Signing up for direct deposit allows you to:

  • avoid postal delays and having to travel
  • have your payments directly and securely deposited into your bank account
  • have other amounts to which you are entitled regularly deposited into your bank account
  • contribute to the protection of the environment

Signing up is easy: fill out the Direct deposit request (PDF, 472 KB) form and submit it using our Document submission online service.

Please note that, depending on the date on which you submit your request, your registration for direct deposit may not be in effect at the time of your next payment.